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Always did have a love for paintball,  it's just fun to run around in the woods shooting people. When i get a Go Pro, ill mount it to my gun and make videos of that, to see them just hover your mouse over the "Paintball Videos" section. Currently have 6 paintball guns, always looking forward to buying a new one. If you know what your doing, it's easy taking it apart, cleaning it , putting it back together, and using it.  Look below if your interested is seeing what i play with, what upgrades i have, and what kind of guns i use.

"Exercising Is Boring, But When Your Chasing Someone Down With A Paintball Gun It Isn't That Bad"

            My Paintball Guns

Tippmann 98 Custom Pro
- Collapsible Stock
- Double Trigger
- 14" J&J Ceramic
-  Adjustable Sight Rail
Tippmann C3

- No mods for this gun, due to the fact that it is not manufactured anymore and they do not make upgrades for it. This is gun shoots on propane not Co2.
Tippmann A-5

- Cyclone Feed
- Dye 14" 2 Piece Boomstick
ViewLoader Triad

- This gun is stock, it's the gun that if someone comes over and needs a gun, this is one of the ones we give them. Also have another 98 custom, but im currently working on it.
Tippmann 98 Custom

- 16" Tippmann Barrel
- Expansion Chamber